Saturday, March 05, 2005

worst: the freshmen battles

6 to 8 of infallibily vs hana tsukishima: the worst ~ freshman battle smart moves

"Try to obtain knowledge and ornament it with patience and dignity; and be humble for the one who learns knowledge from you.” — Imam Sadiq [a]

what's worst born = (a) 2@!£*H!!?
catch my grift, son
there ain't no sky in my pie
inna school of theology
the bastards of heron
cypher the invasion by calculation
i've become a manga
hiyellas inna half nielson
is that gangsta?
internal hydrodynamics
and algarhythmics
diasporc sets to respect
//who was the brutha what started this
by sayin
“check it?”//
the gun runs
a line across my
Ima d.u.n. w/ it to death
my duns run thick
liek that
so i lay my blade
on the ground
liek a fired ox
to match you
ana watch you
backed by a full crew
drool as you choose to
box me
full contact
w/ your sta press saggin
just like i used
when i got down liked that
way back when my kopf got jackt
by the bloodsuckers and the fegs
who hold gats
like those shorteyes
bitchen up
the likkle boys
in that place
where kids combat
from araPHAT
to memories of najaf
my bruthas remain strapt
against the sexual tourist and european flags
i bomb yuh block w/ the versions in my taggs
ana peep
your kicks
what are ripped
liek the belly you claim to witness
and pimp on snap shots
on internets

w/ no substance//
i prostrate
i bring it
gun it
you faken
u a go runnin/
to jakes we jackt up
broken condoms
you got no protection
bash yuh fassy
mobilize and uprise
hear the cries
¡Ya! ilah
im full in effect
Sun, mayn
Liek basij (ay)
or a kin to tayilah
Gz’like rudies
struggle in motion
makka roll w/ sadr ana crew of mahdi
ima go crushin the ugly amerikkkan
who are puttin the blue eyes into the asian
ana wanna go mashin badda
yuh reality:
austrian or kkklans for kkkanadians
allusions vs collusion
where's my m.a.d.
lost in the science
from perisan to TRU kalam
make the wheels they steal squeel
to carbon afrikan
rock and scott’em
juk'em diasporic
clock the dog
w/ the back of my palm
ain't really yuh life
just a b-movie
from sorrow to calamity
create 6 to 8
in a set of infalliblity
u gonna Cee me
fuckt up yet
steady like ali
watch the
hurlin speed of
a nation of a million
silver banded
demolishin yuh
yuh shirk
yuh progress
liek dirt//
dig the trip
to the massive mon
set of
blessins of abi
lackin in any degrees
hide in the ivory
of academies
i says to you
take a peak
Cee these hands
im not a government, mayn
they suffered the endurance
of an urban insurgence
are you ready?
come step to the intelligence
found in the lost nation
build of an eloquence
as my memory serves
was I brake beatin biggie w/ eliot

broken from peace
whispered through microchips
mashin w/ allah
whats the 8th wonder?
is it truth or philology
of bruthas known in the X
what will make me
master this
He says
I re
assemble from the hurt
callin to the
ahad ana lay my head
I pray
or unity
towers open
He hollas
don't let go
yuh square
24 brutha on every block
new palestine on lock
Born bwais pop
¡Ya! come X up
¡Ya! allah
¡Ya! nabi
¡Ya! ali
Yuh mad
shuhada’s party
buried creativity
like duas
to the TRU
i've moved
this groove to
fusion electricity
when you connect your
clic(k)s’ finger tips
to boogie
and mix

1425 Lawrence Y Braithwaite (aka Lord Patch)
New Palestine/Fernwood/The Hood
Victoria, BC

Mysterious Death of Native Artist: Anthany Dawson

*abu ja'far mohammed ibn mûsâ al-khowârizmî
*hiroshi takahashi (worst)
*grand master flash
*talking heads
*aldon lynn Nielsen
*imam abi abdillah ja'far
*25th shawwal 148 ah
*sayyed muqtada as sadr

1425 Lawrence Y Braithwaite (aka Lord Patch)
New Palestine/Fernwood/The Hood
Victoria, BC


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